SOFTPOL - Modular programmable controllers

Industrial visualisations

We deal with automation system of industrial visualisations
  • low power coal boilers
  • water conditioning stations
  • gas-jets
  • intermediate pumping stations
  • fan cooling tower
  • etc.

We use SCADA visualisation programs:
  • InTouch
  • Axeda (Wizcon)
  • iFIX
  • WinCC
  • InTouch

We are concerned with our own authorship visualisation, which allows to chase current and historic data using graphs on any computer in the network by HTML page.
It's easy, comfortable and cheap way of monitoring data.
Big advantage of our program is that the customer doesn't need to install any other visualisation software because all monitorings and analysis can be done using internet browser.

We also deal with industrial visualisations on touch panels made by companies i.e.:

  • Siemens
  • ESA
  • ProFace
  • Backhoff