SOFTPOL - Modular programmable controllers

Micro visualisations

1. HTML graphs...description
2. Saving analog data directly onto the computer...description

1. HTML Graphs

Overall information
The application is one of many components of program group "Micro-visualisation" SOFTPOL's authorship. The application is a tool which helps to create HTML page with all measurment data represented using graph style.
The application is developped for those who wants to chase the processes from the distance or wants to provide access to their HTML page in the Internet.
schema of Working represents a picture below:

The application generates any number of graphs of defined sizes and colours in .jpg or .bmp format, which are imported by a HTML page. The files are refreshed in previous set time intervals (default 20s). The application creates a history of graphs. Recent data can be downloaded using many types of sources. Primary data source are DDE servers of PLC controller's communicate programs or working visualisation, which has DDE system included. Dynamic data exchange system is included in MS Excel or OpenOffice as well. Data provider can be SQL Database or any measurment device with communication port (and protocol available) such as a heatmeter. Data distribution from many sources is realised by adaptative servers, using "TCP/BMC" access. It is an universal access prepared to read data from different versions of archivisation systems and BMC database visualisation SOFTPOL's authorship. Adaptative servers (like "MixSrvTCP") are preparing data to unified construction, before data will be transferred by TCP to "HTMLwykresy2" application.

2. Saving analog data directly onto the computer
  • on any PC computer
  • analog inputs - ranges: 0-20mA, 0-5V, 0-10V
  • USB output
  • RS232 output
  • possibility to use many adapters
  • data archivisation
  • engineer's graphs
  • HTML visualisations

Direct connection a/d converters (0-20 mA, 0-5 V, 0-10 V) to computer by USB or RS232 ports. Refresh rate of the adapters - 0.5 sec, current data is stored in 1 sec intervals. Almost unrestricted number of adapters (117 per one USB port).

Using computer network, data can be sent from server to other client computer in case of data analysis.