The SOFTPOL company established in 1989. We concerned with making a projects, applications and software for client's needs. We are a producer of engineer's applications, software for PLCs (Programmable Logical Controllers) and SCADA visualisation. We deal with making a projects and conctructing electrical and low voltage power cubicles.

    Our offer contains i.a.:
  • Visualisation of sale systems and heat power balance for thermal-electric power stations and heat-generating plants,
  • On-line monitoring of scattered objects (heat exchanger rooms, boiler-rooms) using systems of teletechnical networks, radio or digital (ISDN) transmissions,
  • Automation and visualisation of fan freezers steering for thermal-electric power stations,
  • Automation systems for water conditioning stations,
  • Steering of disposal pressure of heat framing using teperature tables,
  • Automation of low-power carbon boilers,
  • Automation of control methane burners,
  • SCADA visualisations: InTouch, Wizcon, iFIX, etc.
  • Database SQL systems using InSQL and MS SQL tools,
  • Programming PLCs,
  • Engineer's software,
  • Projecting and constructing low-voltage power cubicles,
  • Prefabrication power cubicles and controller boxes,
  • Trainigs of 32-bit SAIA controllers.